Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas gifts and such...............

It has been way too long since my last post. Since my having had vertigo for three weeks among other things its been pretty hectic.  Recently I have been working on Christmas gifts and rethinking some. I had originally thought I would make pot holders using this tutorial Thanks Whitney for this great tutorial. Then I realized I have so much to do and the vertigo didn't help much when some days it was so bad the couch had a permanent dent. I decided to try knitting again. Just sitting there was not that fun especially when I wanted to be productive. I took out the knitting needles my mother in law had given me and some yarn that was also tossed my way. Put that with some fun fur and I made my first scarf of the year for my niece who is 20 months and a true diva.
After that I decided to make another one for my older niece.
On the days I was feeling ok I made an apron out of a hand towel, seem binding and a pillow case.
After I resolved the vertigo I decided to hit up the fabric store and take advantage of the fleece scrap table. So I made a scarf out of that. Then I decided since I am so far behind I will grab some more fleece. This table saved Christmas for me. It was so incredibly cheep to use the scraps for scarves this year.
So I will be seeing a lot more of this.....
And this.......
Oh and since I last posted I have been given a little bit of a sewing stash. This wonderful woman was 93 when she passed and her family new that I loved to sew. I now will not have to buy any class 66 bobbins for my Singer and I also got some vintage sewing notions.
So that is just a little of what I have been up to.