Monday, October 31, 2011

Lady Gaga Octopus

She was Lady Gaga Octopus for Halloween this year. Very interesting choice when I had no idea that she knew who Lady Gaga was. All of this except for the shoes and leotard are home made. This is my very first sewn together home made costume. I guess next year we will have to top this and it will be talked about for days.
She really liked the photo op.
She is showing off the detachable tentacles. They are filled with poly fill and the suction cups are felt circles.  I sat and cut them out for hours.
                        Can some one say Rock Star. She even had a headband to complete the ensemble.
      These are the shoulder pads. I made them detachable as well and they are secured with bobby pins.
                                                         Skirt without the tentacles.
 I decided to take a pic like this so that I could have one of the full costume.

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