Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sewing items for Mimi.......

Today we where able to deliver some things we have collected for the family affected by the wild fires in Texas. I got to give the 2 sewing machines I had received as donations for Mimi as well as some fabric. She can hardly wait to get started.
This is a wall hanging for her sewing room. The woman who donated the Kenmore sewing machine I showed in a previous post, embroidered this wall hanging for Mimi to hang in her sewing room.
It was well worth it. I would so do this again. I have met so many fun and interesting people in my search for sewing and house hold items for Mimi and her family. It is amazing how people can come together for a cause for someone they have never met and I am thankful for them. Without awesomely amazing people who give out of the kindness of their hearts our world would be a dismal one. So I encourage everyone to step up, lend a hand, give a homeless guy some crackers and water, give your time to someone who needs help etc.
Very happy to bring light into a dark time for a woman who lost everything. She is now well on her way to getting started back into a craft she loves so very much.

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