Friday, September 30, 2011

I am still here......

Well folks I have been very bad about keeping up with this blog. September has proved to be a crazy month. There has been the baby shower planning for my sis in law not me, the pet sitting (12 animals in one home) and gathering things for my fire victim.
Things that have gone wrong and are eating at me are forgetting to put in the places that sis in law is registered at and finding out that some of the fabric I got from a donation smelled so bad it gave me a serious head ache. I even tried to wash it and my washer now smells. Ugggggg.
Ok so back to fixing the problem. I plan on sending post cards to all invited to the shower with the stores resgistered at and putting up another add on craigs list for some more fabric, thats if I do not get enough from my lady I am in contact with.
In between all of that I have found out some things. Biz, Borax and Bleach are now my 3 new best friends, taking a day off from madness to go to the beach is pricesless and that my fire victim will not be upset with me that I could not rescue a sigle peice of fabric from the one donation.
Now to get my list of things started.
1) Start getting my Nickel Back T-shirt bag in the works.
2) Start on getting the kids clothing projects narrowed down. I.E. pj pants for the winter.
3) Get sewing area organized.
4) Dig through the kids toys for donation.
5) Clean up my desaster of a bed room.
6) Finish my daughters decorating in her bed room.
7) Go through mine and my husbands cloths for donation.
8) Organize the desaster we call a garage.
9) Pay more attention to the yards outside.
10) And last but not least learn to deal with the fact that I have to start somewhere and it all won't get done in a day.
I shall print this and put it on my sewing room wall.
These items are in no particular order of which to start but like I said I have to start somewhere.

Yes, its good to get away.

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