Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fabulous Finds on Tuesday........

One of our really good family friends just lost his home to the wild fires in Texas. He and his grand parents made it out with the cloths on their backs, medicines and a few important papers. So I decided to go and find a few things to help her restart a stash of quilting fabric. I did find her some nice silhouette fabric, floral box fabric and cat fabric. All for a great price at a shop tucked away in a little known corner of the city. I got a fantastic deal. I also found these cool pieces.
 The top is a bit of a stretch knit and yes vintage. On the right we have a vintage sheet and vintage lace. Fabulous!
And whats this. Snoopy. Its a curtain but a little faded. It will make a great apron. Yes, again its vintage.

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