Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Nickelback Bag................

I have been waiting a long time to make this bag and finally with the concert days away it is finished. Originally I had planned on making a messenger bag using the t-shirts a friend graciously sent to me from New Jersey. Then with no real stable way to make the shirts a fabric that would stand up to the abuse a bag takes I decided to make this one with the t-shirt prints appliqued on. I am very pleased with the way it turned out and want to make more. There is an inside pocket for my phone as well as heavy stitched accents along the sides of the bag and the handles.
Now for pictures.

The front.
I had planed on doing a tutorial with this one but the camera ran out of juice and I had no time to wait for the battery to charge. Sorry, may be next time.
Top stitched around the top of the bag with heavy stitching.
Heavy stitching on the sides along the seam.
Inside pocket for my phone.
The back of the bag. This was the best picture of the guys. They all look good in this one.
Single stitch applique around the entire design.
A closer pic of the applique.
Better pic of the front applique.
The stitching is not as perfect as i wold like however I was using a regular foot. An applique foot would have been better.
Top stitching on the underside.
Better view of the pocket.
Top stitching on the outside.
Better view of the top stitching on the sides. I used a jeans needle throughout the project however for this effect I had two stands of thread through the needles eye to create this look. Of course I used both sides of the tension discs of the machine for each one of the threads.
Bottom of the bag at the corner.
Another view of the bottom corner.
Another picture of the guys. :)

Have a wonderful week everyone and be sure to check out the store. There is a link at the top of my blog on the left hand side. I am still adding things as often as I can. Update: I plan on having a grand opening in the early part of July. This means I am planning on some special things. 

Grab life by the horns and shake it!



Lorraine said...

I really liked this. Thanks for sharing!

allycat79225 said...

Thanks Lorraine!