Friday, September 30, 2011

I am still here......

Well folks I have been very bad about keeping up with this blog. September has proved to be a crazy month. There has been the baby shower planning for my sis in law not me, the pet sitting (12 animals in one home) and gathering things for my fire victim.
Things that have gone wrong and are eating at me are forgetting to put in the places that sis in law is registered at and finding out that some of the fabric I got from a donation smelled so bad it gave me a serious head ache. I even tried to wash it and my washer now smells. Ugggggg.
Ok so back to fixing the problem. I plan on sending post cards to all invited to the shower with the stores resgistered at and putting up another add on craigs list for some more fabric, thats if I do not get enough from my lady I am in contact with.
In between all of that I have found out some things. Biz, Borax and Bleach are now my 3 new best friends, taking a day off from madness to go to the beach is pricesless and that my fire victim will not be upset with me that I could not rescue a sigle peice of fabric from the one donation.
Now to get my list of things started.
1) Start getting my Nickel Back T-shirt bag in the works.
2) Start on getting the kids clothing projects narrowed down. I.E. pj pants for the winter.
3) Get sewing area organized.
4) Dig through the kids toys for donation.
5) Clean up my desaster of a bed room.
6) Finish my daughters decorating in her bed room.
7) Go through mine and my husbands cloths for donation.
8) Organize the desaster we call a garage.
9) Pay more attention to the yards outside.
10) And last but not least learn to deal with the fact that I have to start somewhere and it all won't get done in a day.
I shall print this and put it on my sewing room wall.
These items are in no particular order of which to start but like I said I have to start somewhere.

Yes, its good to get away.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sewing donations for Bastrop fire victim and my new Singer 401A.........

I have recently started collecting items for a woman and her family who have lost everything in the Bastrop, Texas fire. I have met a wonderful woman who gave me a sewing machine ready to go for my fire victim (Mimi) and a wonderful 401A. We got along so well and I loved looking at her 13 machine collection. She had about 4 for me to choose from for my lady and I finally chose a nice Kenmore complete with accessories and was ready to be used. During the time I was still making a decision on the one for Mimi, I found and drooled over the 401A she had in her collection. She said she had gotten in off of ebay and hadn't done much with it. During my entire visit with this wonderful woman I kept going back to the beautiful 401A admiring it pawing it and drooling over it. She saw how much I loved and admired it and  then gave it to me to take with the lovely Kenmore I picked out for Mimi. I just about fainted and could hardly believe she gave it to me. The 401A I now call Roberta (after the woman who gave it to me) will need some TLC but it is well worth it. She is missing the tension knob but that won't cost more then 5 dollars or so I am told. You will have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers because I am never giving it up.  :)
Roberta my beautiful Singer 401A. My husband now says I am officially nuts between my vintage sheet addiction and my more than 2 sewing machine collection/addiction. :)
 I picked up this lovely quilted bag a while back for Mimi and I only paid a dollar. Nice.
 The one on the left is some fabric from my stash and a couple of pieces I got at a thrift shop. The one on the right is a bag I picked up from the lovely woman who donated the Kenmore to Mimi. This fabric should work nicely to start up a new stash for Mimi.
Last but certainly not least is the wonderful machine for Mimi. I cannot wait to give it to her. Now she can have a fresh start.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fabulous Finds on Tuesday........

One of our really good family friends just lost his home to the wild fires in Texas. He and his grand parents made it out with the cloths on their backs, medicines and a few important papers. So I decided to go and find a few things to help her restart a stash of quilting fabric. I did find her some nice silhouette fabric, floral box fabric and cat fabric. All for a great price at a shop tucked away in a little known corner of the city. I got a fantastic deal. I also found these cool pieces.
 The top is a bit of a stretch knit and yes vintage. On the right we have a vintage sheet and vintage lace. Fabulous!
And whats this. Snoopy. Its a curtain but a little faded. It will make a great apron. Yes, again its vintage.

Monday, September 12, 2011

The project I have waited a year to do........

Very excited to get this project done for my daughters room. It has been a year in the making. Last fall we drove by a garage sale in a nice older part of town. This is the kind of neighborhood that has such wonderful charm we decided to drive around then take my daughter to the park. This garage sale was full of people and I decided to stop. The woman had a box of old records sitting under a table. She said she was getting rid of them for a dollar because she didn't think anyone really wanted old records. I chose Cinderella and Peter Pan. They are a little tattered with story books attached to read along as the record plays. The records themselves where in great condition.  Awesome. There was also a Thomas the train record with a book as well and I decided it would be good for my son. However that project will have to wait. So back to the ones I have done already. They are fab.
 I bought some record frames and I didn't even think they made such a thing. So much better than having it professionally done. Yes, of course the frames where on sale.
I removed the glass and backing.
Then I painted both to match the wall hangings I have already done. I used the same white mat paint.
And voila. I put the glass, record and backing in. I think it will look wonderful in her finished room.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I just wanted to put up a quick post to say a quick message.
Lets make this a day of healing this 9/11 and give back to others in the memory of the victims. Make this a day of doing for others. Pay it forward today to those in need so we can begin healing and create new memories on this 10th anniversary.
To those of you who lost a loved one I am deeply sorry for your loss and I will never forget.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pyrex......Cool Vintage

I thrifted a couple of vintage Pyrex a while back and wanted to share them. I love love love the vintage. The best part about vintage Pyrex is that they can withstand time and daily use very well. I have a vintage Pyrex from years ago that still looks very nice and I use it all the time. These are fabulous especially because the thrift store did not over price them like they usually do. So ya they where a steal. 
Oh and my next paint this great frame for a vintage record. Yes, its for my daughters room. Totally awesome.Oh and yes again got both for a great price. Never pay full price if you can help it. I got the record for one dollar at a garage sale. Its a combo book and record. I also got Cinderella at the same garage sale for the same price.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Old wall hanging redo....... Weekend project.

I had bought two old wall hangings at a garages sale for 25 cents a piece. Was not sure what I would do with them but the idea came to me as I was looking at the blank walls in my daughters room. I wanted it to go in her room but what would I do to these other wise ugly pieces? I left the kids with daddy at home and took a trip down the pain isle. I decided on what pink I wanted for my daughters walls then I decided on an accent color. White was the choice. Spray paint seemed to be the best choice for this project. The pieces have some nuks and cranies. So many choices as far as the finish goes as well so I chose mat.
 The ugly hangings.
 I like to use gloves because spray paint tends to get all over my hands.
After several coats of white mat finish spray paint.
Now we have a beautiful wall hanging that I did myself at a fraction of the cost it would have been to buy something like this. Just goes to show you that a DIY project can be simple yet produce some great results. So go to a resale shop or garages sale and see what treasure you find.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Texas Fires.......

Please Please remember those who have been displaced by theses fires. Those things you have been thinking of bringing to Goodwill or other donation centers please don't hesitate to bring them to shelters.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yay tutorial......Double sided bunting tutorial using old sheets.......

This tutorial uses old sheets. You can use you old sheets from home or buy some at a thrift store. There are many possibilities for colors and design.

You will need.......
a cutting tool
home made pattern
something with a point to push out the point of the flag
seem binding (I used extra wide, double fold bias tape)
straight pins
and a sewing machine
For this pattern I measured 8 inches across and 10 inches down. I then connected the points on either side to create my triangle. This is my master pattern. I traced it on some paper that was more manageable after I cut the master pattern out.You can use tissue paper or light weight printer paper. What ever works best for you. I would not however advise using news paper. The ink could transfer on your fabric.
Pin your pattern to  your sheet and cut. You will need as many flags as you want your bunting to be long. This bunting is double sided so you will need to cut a front and back. I cut 9 flags, 3 of each color on one side. Brown, Green and Tan. Then I cut Blue and Yellow for the other side.
Pin right sides together and sew down each side of the flag 1/4 inch from the edge. 

Once you sew on both sides then you will need to trim the bulk. The reason is to have your flag lay as flat as possible when you turn in right side out.

Turn your flag right side out. This is where your pointy tool comes in handy. I used a hair stick thingy. Push the point of the flag out with that. Then iron your flag. The corner sticking out at the sides should be trimmed. You will need to repeat this process for as many flags as you want.

Top stitch on every flag 1/4 inch from edge. This will help to keep it flat. I ironed each flag when I was finished.

Pin your seam binding on your flags and sew. Tip: put your pins pointy side to the machine so its easier to pull them out. If you noticed the electrical tape on the machine its not because of electrical problem. This machine does not have a way of measuring the distance form the needle like most new machines do. This is my way of marking 1/4 inch from the needle.

Finished product. Double sided, custom bunting. I did the bunting this way because the blue and yellow side is for a baby shower and the brown, green and tan side is for the babies room. I can't wait to get some pics of this at the shower. Bunting can be used for all occasions. Have fun with yours, personalize it and happy sewing.