Friday, August 12, 2011

The fastest skirt project ever......

I started out by saying I wonder if I could fit a pillow case if its made into a skirt. Thus the idea was born. Then I said why don't I take pictures and create a tutorial.
You will first need a pillow case ( I got a vintage pillow case from my stash.) and some scrap to use for embellishment. (My scrap is from a previous vintage pillow case project for my daughter) I cut my scrap into a four inch strip and I then cut two inches off the top of the pillow case. (the closed end)

Then I placed my four inch strip where I wanted it on the skirt then pinned ( I do not advocate sewing over your straight pins. Though it looks like I am about to I did not.) and took it to the sewing machine.(Forgot to mention I did fold over a half inch on each side of my four inch strip. This was to hide my raw edges. I did pin both sides of my strip so that it would stay in place as I sewed on it. Be careful though because the pins are sharp and can poke you while your sewing.

 Ok, almost done. Then I created a pocket for my elastic. I used 3/4 inch elastic for the waist band. Because I had so much material to work with (i am short) as far as length. I first folded a half inch at the raw edge and then folded and ironed and inch to create my pocket. Ironing is key to keeping a uniform pocket for your elastic or what ever your working on. Don't forget to pin before you sew and leave about a 1 and 1/2 inch opening to insert elastic.

I inserted the elastic by using a safety pin. Attach the safety pin to one side of the elastic and feed it through. Once you have put the elastic in you can sew them together. I like sewing the ends on a scrap then trimming the excess scrap. I think it holds better then elastic on elastic.

 You are ready to wear. I kinda like the way it turned out. Looks like something I saw in  a year book from the 70's. I'll post a pic later of it me wearing it.

Let me know if you liked this tutorial. It is my very first one ever so please be kind. :)


Heather Grow said...

I love easy sew projects. It does look so cute and 70s. Thank you for sharing on the Vintage Sheet Blog Weekend Link Up Party.

allycat79225 said...

Thanks for checking it out. I still wear it. I was happy to be able to share my projects on your blog. Its fun to do link parties.