Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cool finds to share on Wednesday......

While in the thrift store looking for some play cloths for my daughter I came across a couple great finds. Oh and by the way I love this particular store because not only are the toddler cloths a 1.50 the quality of the vintage sheets I have found there is usually very good.
 This is a picture of the pattern on a vintage pillow case I found a couple of days ago. There where two in the original package. I was happy to find them very cheap and NIP because the fabric looks awesome. I am thinking a shirt for myself. Hmmmmm......
You might be wondering what the heck these are. They are macrame beads. When I pulled out the basket at the thrift store there they where. It was like they where saying please take us home because we have been in this package for so long. I thought to myself that since it was such a steal I had to take them. You just can't find wooden beads like this at the craft store for so cheap. Plus there is 100 of them.Woo Hoo.

I just wanted to share because you never know what treasures you will find in a thrift store.

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