Monday, August 8, 2011

Packing and Saying Good Bye

My daughter had a birthday party to attend yesterday and upon arrival the host (my daughters friends mother) was visibly upset.
A little back round. She is a military wife with a 4 year old living alone waiting for her husband to come home from over seas. Our daughters attended gymnastics together while she and I had some grown up conversation. Much needed when your a stay at home mommy. She is doing this move to North Carolina with a friend.
Now  back to the story. When everyone was asking her what was wrong she was telling us about how she had hired this company "Student Movers" to pack this tractor trailer for her. They came 5 hours past the time they where set to arrive, did a horrible job packing, she paid for their dinner and the boxes where crumbling underneath each other.  I quickly volunteered my dear husband and I to help sort it out. With the help of a couple of other of her friends we unpacked the whole truck and repacked it. Wow. That is an awesomely large job. However I would not have done it differently. I just could not leaver her in tears.
The best part about this experience is getting to know someone outside the norm. I hope that we can keep in touch through email and seeing them when they visit.  I am so happy that my daughter got to visit a while longer with her friend and we where able to take a huge weight off of Someone's shoulders.
I guess the moral of the story is to be selfless and give when others are in times of need. You might be surprised at the fulfilling feeling you get as well as the friendships you may strengthen.

I also wanted to show my outfit for the party. I wore my skirt and a pink top. Of course I added some funky jewelry to top it off.

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