Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Treasure in Oklahoma...................

It has been a long time for me to post. Since I have last posted there has been lost of things going on like my MRI for my continued dizziness, my husband getting hired for his new job (yay finally) and an Upper Respiratory infection that my son had. Oh and not to mention traveling to my parents house for Christmas.

Now I would like to share a wonderful find. Whitney from Whitney Sews posted a fabric store she found in a search on facebook. http://www.cdthayer.com/ThayerRagsAbout.htm#History It turns out that this store was only 45 min. from my parents home. This store is called ThayerRags, located in Frederick Oklahoma. During my time in North Texas I traveled to this delightful treasure twice. She remembered who I was when I came in the first time automatically. I had mentioned I called her from Texas about parts for my 401 and about the hours of store operation during the holidays. Marlene (nicknamed Bear) is a delightful woman who unsuspectingly rides a motorcycle along side her husband CD. Though she has not ridden for a while but who would have thought this kind and wonderful woman who owns a fabric store rides a bike. She and her husband have even ridden through my home city years ago.

Marlene and CD came to own this store a few years ago when the previous owner sold it to them after asking if she would like to sell. They had to ask a few times and then it was theirs. This particular store has been in the same spot for many decades. One of the long time shoppers of this place was even there when I came to visit for the second time. She said she came often as a kid. Of course there was more than enough work to get the store to its present condition because it was piled with all kinds of fabric and notions through out. Marlene described it as very messy and hard to walk through with only a trail to use through to the back. After a clutter sale to remedy the situation they had something to work with. You would never know that now because of the loving care that has been put into the store. There are all kinds of vintage trims, zippers, macrame supplies, vintage fabric (like double knit and cottons), a bin of buttons, vintage sewing machines and so on. I had a wonderful time visiting with her and found out that we had some things in common such as sewing on a 401 and the love of vintage sewing items.  I am definitely coming back to this place a soon as I can, not only because it has most everything I look for but because of the fabulous kind people who own it. I now have a favorite place in Oklahoma and I have every intention of visiting every time I come back to north Texas.
 Bear and I next to her cutting table. 

                                                        Hand crank sewing machine.

                                                     Vintage sewing machines and case.

Vintage trims behind her 401 and working station. 
                                                       Vintage fabrics at a dollar a yard. :)
                                                                   Vintage buttons.
                                                          Vintage macrame beads.
                                                                Embroidery threads.
                                                      Vintage washable table cloth material.
Some fabric that I thought was very interesting. It did look new but had a vintage print.
Vintage macrame rope.
                                               Stacks of beautiful fabric for quilting and garments.
                              Some pretty fabric lovingly stacked. Some are vintage some are new.
                                                   Some of my vintage haul. Squeeeeeeee!