Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another great skirt project thats fast and easy....

Very Cute Sweater Skirt
In No time!

Let me start by saying I love fast and easy projects that produce a pleasing result. So that said I have seen these sweater skirts on and off around town and thought yep I can make that. Then when there was a liquidation event at the local thrift store aka quarter Thursday I saw this red sweater. Yes, I did buy this sweater for a quarter. Um score!

I started by cutting the bottom of the sweater off at the arm pits. I showed in the pic two cutting methods so you can use your preference.

 I then grabbed my trusty single fold bias tape. I used red to match.
 Sew along the fold at the top of the tape along the outside of your skirt.
 It should look like this.
 Then fold it over to the inside of your skirt and sew all the way around. Be sure to pin it at the with of your elastic. Don't forget to leave a gap when sewing so you can put your elastic in the casing you just made.
 After you have done that and sewn your gap down try it on and check out your easily made trendy sweater skirt. See how easy that was and so cute too. I paired mine with tights. Pardon the miss matched top but that was not supposed to be seen. My five year old did the best she could with taking the pic for me. :)

Have a fabulous week everyone.