Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy few days.......

I just wanted to get on blogger and say something quick. It has been very busy these past few days. The kids and I have been off to pet sitting jobs as well as a brief car issue. Man its been crazy. So since I have been busy and have not posted anything lately I thought I would put some pics up of previous things I have made.

Zipper pouch made out of a vintage sheet with raised dot lining and a thrifted vintage zipper.
Pillow case dress for my daughter. I only bought the thread for this. The rest was given to me. I made a pattern from one of my daughters other dresses. Not bad for nearly free huh. :)
This is an outfit I made for my son. The shorts and embellishment are made from some fabric I bought and the shirt is made from some fabric from one of my husbands old shirts.The shirt is actually my own pattern made from one of my sons other shirts.
I hope this inspires you to get sewing. Have a happy Thursday.

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