Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pyrex......Cool Vintage

I thrifted a couple of vintage Pyrex a while back and wanted to share them. I love love love the vintage. The best part about vintage Pyrex is that they can withstand time and daily use very well. I have a vintage Pyrex from years ago that still looks very nice and I use it all the time. These are fabulous especially because the thrift store did not over price them like they usually do. So ya they where a steal. 
Oh and my next paint this great frame for a vintage record. Yes, its for my daughters room. Totally awesome.Oh and yes again got both for a great price. Never pay full price if you can help it. I got the record for one dollar at a garage sale. Its a combo book and record. I also got Cinderella at the same garage sale for the same price.

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