Monday, September 19, 2011

Sewing donations for Bastrop fire victim and my new Singer 401A.........

I have recently started collecting items for a woman and her family who have lost everything in the Bastrop, Texas fire. I have met a wonderful woman who gave me a sewing machine ready to go for my fire victim (Mimi) and a wonderful 401A. We got along so well and I loved looking at her 13 machine collection. She had about 4 for me to choose from for my lady and I finally chose a nice Kenmore complete with accessories and was ready to be used. During the time I was still making a decision on the one for Mimi, I found and drooled over the 401A she had in her collection. She said she had gotten in off of ebay and hadn't done much with it. During my entire visit with this wonderful woman I kept going back to the beautiful 401A admiring it pawing it and drooling over it. She saw how much I loved and admired it and  then gave it to me to take with the lovely Kenmore I picked out for Mimi. I just about fainted and could hardly believe she gave it to me. The 401A I now call Roberta (after the woman who gave it to me) will need some TLC but it is well worth it. She is missing the tension knob but that won't cost more then 5 dollars or so I am told. You will have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers because I am never giving it up.  :)
Roberta my beautiful Singer 401A. My husband now says I am officially nuts between my vintage sheet addiction and my more than 2 sewing machine collection/addiction. :)
 I picked up this lovely quilted bag a while back for Mimi and I only paid a dollar. Nice.
 The one on the left is some fabric from my stash and a couple of pieces I got at a thrift shop. The one on the right is a bag I picked up from the lovely woman who donated the Kenmore to Mimi. This fabric should work nicely to start up a new stash for Mimi.
Last but certainly not least is the wonderful machine for Mimi. I cannot wait to give it to her. Now she can have a fresh start.

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