Saturday, September 3, 2011

Yay tutorial......Double sided bunting tutorial using old sheets.......

This tutorial uses old sheets. You can use you old sheets from home or buy some at a thrift store. There are many possibilities for colors and design.

You will need.......
a cutting tool
home made pattern
something with a point to push out the point of the flag
seem binding (I used extra wide, double fold bias tape)
straight pins
and a sewing machine
For this pattern I measured 8 inches across and 10 inches down. I then connected the points on either side to create my triangle. This is my master pattern. I traced it on some paper that was more manageable after I cut the master pattern out.You can use tissue paper or light weight printer paper. What ever works best for you. I would not however advise using news paper. The ink could transfer on your fabric.
Pin your pattern to  your sheet and cut. You will need as many flags as you want your bunting to be long. This bunting is double sided so you will need to cut a front and back. I cut 9 flags, 3 of each color on one side. Brown, Green and Tan. Then I cut Blue and Yellow for the other side.
Pin right sides together and sew down each side of the flag 1/4 inch from the edge. 

Once you sew on both sides then you will need to trim the bulk. The reason is to have your flag lay as flat as possible when you turn in right side out.

Turn your flag right side out. This is where your pointy tool comes in handy. I used a hair stick thingy. Push the point of the flag out with that. Then iron your flag. The corner sticking out at the sides should be trimmed. You will need to repeat this process for as many flags as you want.

Top stitch on every flag 1/4 inch from edge. This will help to keep it flat. I ironed each flag when I was finished.

Pin your seam binding on your flags and sew. Tip: put your pins pointy side to the machine so its easier to pull them out. If you noticed the electrical tape on the machine its not because of electrical problem. This machine does not have a way of measuring the distance form the needle like most new machines do. This is my way of marking 1/4 inch from the needle.

Finished product. Double sided, custom bunting. I did the bunting this way because the blue and yellow side is for a baby shower and the brown, green and tan side is for the babies room. I can't wait to get some pics of this at the shower. Bunting can be used for all occasions. Have fun with yours, personalize it and happy sewing.

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