Monday, September 12, 2011

The project I have waited a year to do........

Very excited to get this project done for my daughters room. It has been a year in the making. Last fall we drove by a garage sale in a nice older part of town. This is the kind of neighborhood that has such wonderful charm we decided to drive around then take my daughter to the park. This garage sale was full of people and I decided to stop. The woman had a box of old records sitting under a table. She said she was getting rid of them for a dollar because she didn't think anyone really wanted old records. I chose Cinderella and Peter Pan. They are a little tattered with story books attached to read along as the record plays. The records themselves where in great condition.  Awesome. There was also a Thomas the train record with a book as well and I decided it would be good for my son. However that project will have to wait. So back to the ones I have done already. They are fab.
 I bought some record frames and I didn't even think they made such a thing. So much better than having it professionally done. Yes, of course the frames where on sale.
I removed the glass and backing.
Then I painted both to match the wall hangings I have already done. I used the same white mat paint.
And voila. I put the glass, record and backing in. I think it will look wonderful in her finished room.

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