Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back to basics.....

Its that time again. Last year I mad a couple of pj pants for my daughter. This year I have vowed to make some for the whole family. Yes its going to be quite an undertaking. So this is the first pair of the season. Pj pants are a vary basic project that the beginner could definitely do as a first project. Just go pick out a pattern that says easy, quick or you can make your own pattern using an existing pair of pants.

I just finished these yesterday. My daughter picked out the dragonflies and wanted them on it and after being laundered they are starting to come off. That won't be too bad of a fix. She also got diaper rash cream on the leg as you can see. However I am very proud of my first pair this year. It was a different pattern than I am used to. It uses 4 pieces instead of 2.
So I encourage everyone to get back to basics or even try it out for your first project. The best part is that no one really sees them except you. Great practice.
Go check out Whitney Sews for a video tutorial here. (She does use a different way of putting in elastic instead of making a casing, which I found pretty cool.)

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