Saturday, October 22, 2011

Show and tell..... and a good deal

 Today I was not really wanting to go to any garage sales because I didn't really want to spend any money but I am glad we stopped. We picked up this tree and the woman wanted to get rid of the fabric remnants she had so badly she gave some to me for free. Awesome I know.
I have been looking for one of these trees for a very long time but hardly find them and when I do they are priced really high.
 When I came across this one I just had to ask how much. I got it and took it home because I only paid a dollar.  Fantastic find at a garage sale. 
This thing is over 30 years old and it only has this broken part on the bottom. Most of the ones I see at a persons home usually are cracked in an obvious place or broken and glued. This one is in fabulous shape.
 Cool gingham.
 Harry Potter.
And a very small but cute piece with puppies on it.
And last but not least the flannel I am using for my husbands pj pants. Now I will say I did not get this for free but from a fabric store earlier this month. I found it on the red tag wall that was also 50 percent off. It was originally 8 dollars a yard I paid 2 dollars a yard. It does pays to bargain shop and hold of for good prices.

Happy sewing and bargain hunting to all of you out there this weekend.

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