Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vintage patterns.......

I have fallen in love with vintage patterns of all eras. Just recently I was given a box of vintage patterns that are so delicious I just have to share. There where also a couple of things here and there that pertained to embroidery. So I have included pics of the embroidery patterns as well. Sadly non of the clothing patterns would fit me but They are sooooooooo cool.
 I had thought that the pattern in the middle could fit me but I highly doubt it.
 Brace yourself for this one. The wedding dress pattern (Right upper corner) is uncut. However it is so tiny that It had to be meant for a very small woman.
The one on the upper left corner with the pic of the person in pj's is my fav.


green tea and red nails said...

these are gorgeous! i always flick though the vintage patterns at the op shops... am yet to sew anything from them yet! haha!

kel x

allycat79225 said...

They are awesome. Unfortunately most of them are too small but I did by some reprints. The local fabric store had a 99 cent sale and I will be making some dresses from those patterns.
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