Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sneek Peek and Chicken Cream Cheese Enchiladas........

Here are my infamous Chicken Cream Cheese Enchiladas. They are very simple to make and sooooo tasty. If you are lactose intolerant I do apologize.
You will need...
4 cups of chicken (any will do but I like the breast tenders cause its faster)
1 cup chunky salsa (I use Pace)
1 cup graded cheese (any that you prefer, I like Monterey Jack)
1 block cream cheese
Enchilada sauce
Corn tortillas
(I also put a tiny bit of cumin and some garlic powder. Cumin is a strong spice so I only put I little dash)
Big dish to back the masterpiece in.
I am telling you its sooooooooo good.
Boil chicken till cooked through and chop. You can also shred but its time consuming. If your chicken is already cooked like maybe you are using left over chicken skip the boiling.
Put salsa, cream cheese, shredded cheese, spices( if desired) and chicken in the pot that you boiled your chicken in. I put it back in the same pot so I don't have to wash 2 of them. Reduce reuse. He He. This picture is a before the chicken was added shot. Stir the ingredients over some heat but not too much till they are combined. You put it over heat to melt the cheese.
Sorry no shot of the filling part. Gummy hands ya know. So basically I filled the corn tortillas with the chicken mixture then rolled them and put them in a pan. Be sure you put a layer of enchilada sauce on the bottom before placing the enchiladas in there. I then topped the dish with enchilada sauce and cheese.
Bake it in the oven till the cheese bubbles and voila. You now have dinner. Its not super fast but its soooooo darn good.
I started working on Christmas presents like I told myself I would do months ago. :) This one is a scrub top using Superman sheets. I am totally not finished but when I get finished I will post some pics.
Last but not certainly not least. Since I have buttered you up with my secret weapon recipe I need a huge favor. I have put this costume in a contest and I am asking for you wonderful people out there to vote. Here is the link
Please Please Vote for "Lady Gaga Octopus". You will have to join the site but you do not have to pay for anything. Its just a crafting web site that is a great one with all kinds of ideas and contests. When you join there will be little circles next to each costume name. Just click on the circle next to "Lady Gaga Octopus" then cast your vote by clicking the button at the bottom of the list. I think it says vote. This contest only lasts until the 17th of November so please vote for me soon.They changed the end date. One more day yay.
                                                         Thank you to everyone who visits.
                                              I read every comment and love the feed back. 
                Better Still I hope to one day host a give away. Well as soon as I get some more followers.

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