Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving and stuff.......

Well we have been busy here. I have been washing vintage linens, selling a broken sewing machine and having the 401 looked at, recovering the highchair and celebrating out wedding anniversary. Looks like my loving husband will be working on Thanksgiving day as well so we will make the best of it. The thought of trying to prepare the entire feast for just three people (my children and I) seems a little much. My daughter suggested chicken nuggets. This idea comes from the Thanksgiving at preschool. I will think of something that I don't have to spend so much time preparing and so much time cleaning up after. I.E. Picking the turkey and not to mention getting up early to put it in the oven. Here are some pics from the short time since my last post.

Thanksgiving at her preschool.
 The two cushions with their new gingham covers and the PVC to go over that. The Singer 401A sewed over it nicely. Thats the machine I had out since the repair man came to visit. Of course I had to put some masking tape on the bottom of the sewing machine foot so it would not stick to the PVC.
Hand sewen the closure to the new covering.
 Small square table cloth with apple applique.
 This looks to be a dish towel but has a very vibrant print.
Linen doily with hand embroidery.
One of my favorite pictures. We got married in a chapel that was 96 years old at the time. Very pretty with a working bell that I made my brother ring after the ceremony was over. He thought he would get in trouble for it but of course he didn't. What would they have done kick us out. The ceremony was over. Either way it all worked out.
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