Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring finds that are totally awesome.......

Today was a good day. I have a some great cats to take care of this weekend and they are a bit timid but sweet. They both did take medications that where a must day and night, one who took insulin and one who took thyroid meds. Great experience for me.
The last month or so I have found a few things that are absolutely fabulous. Buying second hand has become enjoyable for me. I can find one of a kind items as well as kids clothing for cheaper than I can make it, though I still like sewing some of their cloths and lets not forget vintage items that totally rock. Hope you enjoy the pics of my recent finds.

 Vintage fabric at a dollar per yard. The orange one is 4 yards and the brown with pretty flowers is 3 and a 1/2.
                                             Somebody had to sit in mommy's lap after a nap.
 A quilt for my boy. I found it for 2 dollars today as I was looking for a place to donate the washer and dryer.
 The best find so far are my new boots that retail for around 80 bucks and I got them for 14. I am very pleased. They had no signs of wear and only looked creased in 2 places at the top of one of them that leads me to believe they had been packed away only to be given up later.

I have also added pictures of things I am enjoying right now. 
                                        Freshly made bread with butter all over it. Yummmmmm.
 Still working on my quilting project using my 401A I named Roberta.

I hope everyone out there has a wonderful weekend and makes the most of this spring.


Some Incubus for your enjoyment.

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