Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How its going.............

I am very hopeful that cause of my dizziness will be uncovered. Yesterday I spent 4 and a half hours in the neurologist office doing exams and testing. He looked at my MRI films and would like to have a neuro surgeon look at them further to tell him what he thinks. The MRI does show a cyst in my pineal gland. The pineal gland can grow these types of cysts but most cases never cause problems. Pineal cysts are found mostly by accident because of and MRI or CAT scan for other reasons. The pineal gland is located in a part of the brain where spinal fluid flows through the brain. This is right in the middle of the brain. My doc however wants to further explore mine. Blood test where also ordered to detect other problems that are causing my dizziness.
For now I remain hipper sensitive to sound and sometimes light. My head aches are there but not severe as they are every now and then. The doc explained to me that my brain is trying to deal with the dizziness there for the hipper sensitivity is a byproduct. This leaves me uncomfortable most days with the dizziness there as well. I am so happy to have a doctor that cared to do as much as he did yesterday and not blow me off like my GP and my ENT. Both gave me the feeling that they believed I was making my symptoms up.
The goal for this week is to take it easy and not put myself in any position that might exacerbate my on going issues. Sensitivity to stimuli such as noise, light and any issues that cause stress which will again make my spinning and head aches worse.
This is a color example of where the pineal gland is located.

In my research so far I have read that they can cause head aches which I have but have not seen anything on dizziness. This is puzzling however anything is possible. Some cases I have read about in which the cyst grows or is a tumor can cause epilepsy, vomiting, visual disturbances and coma. This is why I will be undergoing a few more MRI's to determine if it is growing. So far this is the plan. However where is the dizziness coming from. This is what is so frustrating. I guess the line of thinking is simply that anything is possible because there aren't limits to cause and effect when it comes to illnesses we face. Medicine is not always a consistent and predictable thing. This is why I am pushing for continued research into cause and effect for my situation. Lets push for an answer because I am a very stubborn person that strives to know why. I am rarely satisfied with it is the way it is. I want to know all aspects and I want to know cause and effect of those aspects.
I may not be completely cured but I want answers.
If there is another explanation such as thyroid or another gland that may give of this imbalance I want to know this as well. So in the next few days I will be calling my neurologist to see what those blood tests say.
This is what is going on right now. However I will continue to sew and share more picture of what I have been up to.
I am trying my hand a quilting. This piece will hopefully be a bag. The fabric is a cloth napkin from the 50's or 60's. I am hoping to put in a zipper at the top with pockets inside and out for storage of the little peoples things while at church. These things include crayons and wipes but are not limited to. As all moms know pockets are a must. After this bag I hope to get started on my T-Shirt project using old concert T's. The same principles to this piece will be applied because t-shirts a flimsy.
And last but not least is my find of the week. Since I like to share my awesome deals I wanted to start with this one. This is a cast iron bicentennial souvenir. All original paint and was appraised at $150 by a local collector.  My purchase price was only 50 cents. This will be going up on ebay in the near future. I also have another one that has no paint which was appraised at $100. That one will also be going up shortly.

Have a great Wednesday. Another song that I have been listening to and singing along with in great anticipation for the concert.


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