Monday, February 13, 2012

Today is ok......

So today we have come back from visiting the kids at my in laws. They are doing well but I was surprised that my son didn't really want much to do with me when I got there. I guess I can't really blame him for anything. He is only 22 months. Never the less my feelings where hurt. My daughter seems to be enjoying her vacation because she gets away with more there than she does at home. Oh well. Mommy needs to get better and I cannot take the kids to doctors appointments. The next two are neurosurgeon and another EEG. It will be a sleep deprived EEG. Whoopee. NOT.
The last week has been very good till today. I started getting dizzy again this morning with another head ache. So far not much of my research has led me to credible medically qualified results. There is not much at all about pineal cysts except negatively depressing questions to medical sites that are a little questionable. Most of the information about any growth or anything on the pineal cyst is about tumors or cancers etc. Depress much. If anyone out there has some credible information that makes sense and is not written by someone who calls them selves a doctor please pass it along. I am mostly looking for medical information entailing anything about pineal cysts on the pineal gland in the brain. Something that can explain my symptoms, ways to cope, treatment and diagnosis etc.
On a happier not I get to watch my favorite little babies this week. All twelve of them. I have been pet sitting for just over two years and it is awesome. This home in particular is one of my first ones and remains a constant. I love the family and have grown to be an adopted member.
Sammy is one of my elderly guys. I believe he is around 15 or so. There are two others who are around the same age and I have made it a point to give them extra attention because they all seemed more distant than the younger ones. The exception would be the two that are completely anti social for what reason I am not sure.
This guy is Owen very mischievous and is a sweetie when he wants. He and his partner in crime James are the antagonists and like to cause me grief some times. However I do enjoy them because they keep me on my toes.
Since I am sharing pictures of animals this post I want to share this one. This is a picture of our sweet Abby. I wanted to sneak a picture of her in because she is the best dog ever. She was our first kid. Well she was my husbands dog for a couple of years before that but she is still our first. She has been awesome through two babies taking family trips and guarding the yard. Even though she has plates in her leg from an unfortunate jump from a moving truck. Nothing stops her. No I did not intentionally place my dog the bed of a moving truck nor do I advocate that. I won't delve into that story. It would be a book. Ha ha. She is now sleeping on the floor having her dogie dreams, I am sure about chasing birds.

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