Thursday, February 23, 2012

So Far So good.......

My days for the last week and a half have been good. I have had fewer attacks as I call them. Today was one of them. It was a little embarrassing because it started at my sons doctor appointment. This time it was just a little weakness, clumsiness and it made me a little slow thought process wise. So I am up for another MRI to be scheduled in April as well as more visits to the Neurosurgeon. Last I saw him it was like a lesson in brain anatomy and physiology. Very interesting and made me feel better having all of this explained to me. My appointment was about 2 hours long. He walked me through my last MRI films and told me what he thought. Very interesting I must say. Knowledge is power.
I have also started working out regularly which has really helped. I am not as bad as I was with my anxiety and balance problems despite the attacks I get every now and then.
I have noticed that my bunting tutorial has had a number of views. Feel free to comment or ask any questions you may have.
One thing I have been looking forward to is going to see Nickelback again. So excited and this time it will be close to a big birthday for me. Yes this is a picture of me at the concert in '09, on the screen at a Nickelback concert and that one was awesome. Cannot wait for this years tour. I am gonna rock the rail again.

As for now I will work on getting better. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.


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